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...work in Childcare.

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Picture Day

Today it is picture day at the centre. I understand why it is done, as many parents are not able to take their kids for formal pictures and it's a nice gesture from the centre - though the parents do have to pay for it.

However, this makes me want to pull my hair out of my head

Here's why: 1) a parent left me a note, a very nicely written one, asking I change her younger son into the provided (freaking awesome skull) sweater before pictures, and comb his brother's unruly hair. I read this at 9:15 this morning. Since then I have had not one, not two, but FIVE reminders from other staff, the assistant director, and one of the older children who was sent by the director.

2) Blood moon. That should be explanation enough.

3) There is no school today for the kids who are in the Catholic system, meaning we have approximately double the normal amount of children here today.

In short, chaos. Utter chaos. There is not enough coffee in the world chaos.

Plus this morning, while watching a video on fire safety, we had a fire drill - which is very loud and makes my little ones cry. This however, was not a normal fire drill. No, as we were in the basement,  we had to pretend the stairs were blocked, and go out the window.

My littles are supposed to go first, followed by me. There were so many kids, my littles almost got trampled. I had to reach into and over the big kids to lift them up, and pass them out the window.

Utter. Chaos.

I will be very glad when today is over, and even more glad that Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving, meaning I have a 3 day weekend, and payday is Wednesday.

I'm just glad the eye infection these adorable jerks gave me is pretty much gone - a swollen shut eye would have destroyed the group photo.

Best Wishes,

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That does sound stressful - good luck!

That's a really tough day... but your long weekend is coming!! :)

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