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As I sat today, watching the Kinder's play outside, the leaves falling from the trees, and a warm breeze blowing I realized that I kept seeing the one little girl who was playing tag hoist her pants up, trying to hide the little butter cracked that kept showing. This was not an issue for the boys.

And the more I thought about it, and thought about any wardrobe malfunction I have ever had to deal with, the more I realized, "Holy fuck... I am constantly pulling up the girls pants, or asking then too because their ass is hanging out!" This was an internal monologue.

I remembered a Blog post I read not that long ago (It's here if you're interested) by a mother talking about the difference in length between girls shorts, and boys shorts sold in Target. The average inseam (a.k.a. the seam from crotch to the bottom of the pant leg) on the toddler girl shorts was one inch, where as the boys was four inches.

But then I got thinking about the rise of little girls jeans - so from crotch to waistband. And while I do not have the measurements to show proof, I would say that the rise on a pair of preschool girls jeans is not as high as on a boys.

Add to that their underpants are made differently - weak elastic, not as much coverage, etc - than boys, this shouldn't surprise me.

Shouldn't children simply be able to play without worrying that their buns are hanging out? Or be able to sit in a pair of shorts without their panties (or more) showing? When did we start forcing on these little girls the idea that they must dress like miniature adults? Instead of simply finding them comfortable clothes, that cover their bodies, that stay up, and that they can play in.

The next time I have to hike a pair of jeans up over a little girls bum, and have them barely cover, I may scream.

Best Wishes,

PS: I just started a book called "The Explosive Child" by Ross W. Greene Ph.D. I think it'll be an interesting read.

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yeh!! ive noticed this too, from borrowing various boyfriends jeans in the past. theyre more roomy, comfy and have more coverage. I *always* have the bum crack problem! mainly because im really active, have high wide waist, but ridiculously skinny hips, presenting a challenge even for the most fantastic of trousers. this is why I adore leggings, the tyoe that go over my tummy and settle just under my bra! ya know? and dresses!!

girls clothing is...its just not practical to wear. and it harks back to that sexist attitude of 'girls are just pretty things to look at, they dont actually do anything physically demanding, but when they do, we can oogle what they have hiding away under our reveiling clothing we've designed as the norm for them!'

my daughter hates wearing jeans. she prefers leggings. I buy her shirts that are longer than "normal" but they are still form fitting. a few moms at her school have asked me where I find shirts long enough for her. I always wore ex boyfriend's jeans as well, especially when pregnant. I never really had the buttcrack problem when I wore my own jeans but that's because my grandmother always said "if you have belt loops, wear a belt." something else I don't understand is why grown men (and teens) wear the waist of their pants down at their knees? I saw a guy wearing jeans like that, on top of basketball shorts that were just below his cheeks, and then boxers. I know in prison if you sag it means you're available to other inmates, I guess he was suuuper available? haha.

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