When life hands you bats....

...work in Childcare.

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Today I dressed up like a cat, and went to work...

Today was our Hallowe'en party. Why today - the 30th - you may ask, and not tomorrow? Because tomorrow we get to walk and take the little dears to the Fire Hall.

So now, in a smallish space you have 25+ children, dressed in costumes they have never worn before (and will only wear the once), full to the brim with candy and sugar, who normally don't listen anyway... and you're in cat ears and tail.

Inevitably one or two (or five) are going to have complete break downs, and have to just sit with a teacher trying to calm down. One of those children is going to be inconsolable till after lunch (when you pray to whatever deity you worship that he'll sleep for two hours). At least one child will vomit, either from excitement, or too much candy (or you know, the disgusting taste of black licorice).

During this time you'll get one little Hallowe'en sized chocolate bar to help elevate the stress, but you know you're going to knock back two STRONG coffees on your lunch (which is currently in progress).

After the children have been de-costumed, fed, watered, diapers, and put to bed... you get a whole new set of kids to watch, while you try to sweep the entire upper level of the daycare, and clean two of four bathrooms. Add to that they all now want their costumes back on.

All this time you remind yourself to stay calm and collected, getting them back into their costumes while you minus those minutes from how much time you have left to clean.

This is only the morning, you remind yourself, as you hope the afternoon will get better, and wish you could have something stronger than coffee at lunch.

The problem with this is that it just adds to the regular behaviour of the day, which is normally less than steller. Which is fairly normal for children between the ages of 1 to 6 as they figure out how to be people.

But damn I hate when things are done to make it worse.

I am looking forward to House,  and possibly something alcoholic in Coke later this evening... and an early bedtime.

Best Wishes,

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You're a far stronger person than I am. I hope that the rest of your day wasn't so bad, and I also hope that you got something extra in your Coke when you got home!

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