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...work in Childcare.

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[sticky post]It's hard to choose a User Name

So it's been a while since I used any journaling or blogging platform, and normally I stick with a couple old favourites when it comes to user names... but when it comes down to it, they're what "Past Me" would have used, and I am not that person anymore.

Therefore, when contemplating what I wanted to be known as for the foreseeable future, I decided to basically go with nothing.

People are forever changing. What I choose now should not define me for the rest of my days, and I refuse to be a "journal hopper" - yeah, I'm lookin' at you 15 year old Fandom obsessed, self (and friends)!!

Really the decision boiled down to the things that make me "Me!". And how does one pick? Do I snip apart myself into smaller parts? "Wiccan"? "Teacher"? "Goth"? "Hippie"? "Writer"? And how could I possibly include all that I am in 14 small spaces? I suppose "I Am Preston"would have sufficed, but man does it seem pretentious.

But who am I? What am I? And why the good Goddess am I on LiveJournal?

I'm simple.

Hi. You can call me Preston (this may, or may not be my real name). I'm 27 (almost 28), and I live in an undisclosed Canadian city.

I also work as a toddler teacher at an undisclosed child care facility, in this undisclosed Canadian city.

I am a gender ambiguous, pansexual individual who has too many cats and not enough books.

I am Pagan by choice, and awesome by nature.

This journal is going to be a mix of "Public", and "Friends Only" entries - covering get a wide range of topics, such as everyday life, interesting childcare stories, and maybe even on occasion what MY thoughts are on some of life's more controversial child rearing topics (not that it really matters, but I do like discussions).

If this seems like something you'd be interested in to read and let me read your journals, then please feel free to add me as a friend.

Many of my updates will probably come via mobile posts, as I have an hour long lunch break that I rarely ever do anything interesting with.

With that being said and done, I say good day and Best Wishes,

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I'm basically a journal hopper. I kept the same journal for years, but I've made others just because I liked the names for a while, and I refuse to pay to change my name, hah. I feel like I'll always dig hainted though. Guess we'll see ;p

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When I was on LiveJournal years ago, I had several journals. Mostly because I was one of those "extreme RPers" who had about half a dozen floating around for various characters, plus a personal journal.

Then when my first personal journal started conjuring too many memories of a friend I had lost - not dead, just drifted apart (long story short: got caught with alcohol on a Drama club trip, we were the goodie-goodies, History teacher and PE teacher dubbed us "The Glimmer Twins" after Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, my LJ name was an indication of that nickname), then I had another that I never updated, and then another. This time I want to avoid that. Mostly because it means I have to make yet another email address, and then it turns into way too many things to remember!

Wow, you got real introspective there just by conjuring a name and case of identity, Are you always this thoughtful?

Seen you over at the addme thingy. Can I add you?

- mark

I can't guarantee that I'll ALWAYS be this thoughtful, but being an extreme introvert, I do my best thinking by myself. And sometimes it's nice to be able to spill it all out at once, instead of in bits and pieces, explaining how I arrived at that conclusion as I go.

And yes. Of course you can.

Hello, I found your journal through add_me & I'd like to be LJ friends, if you're still looking to add people. :)

Sounds pretty good. I will add you back!

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