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When life hands you bats....

...work in Childcare.

26 October
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My name is Preston. I am a 27 year old Early Childhood Educator.

I identify as "genderfluid", and am currently single. (Not that it really matters, but just throwing that out there).

I am a solitary Wiccan.

I work at an undisclosed child care center, in an undisclosed Canadian city, with toddlers. I love them!

I live with my mom (because money sucks), 9 cats (yes, I have 9 cats), and one very old dog.

I have one sister, who has three sons.

I love reading, writing, photography, long walks in nature, and sunrises and sets.

I love Hallowe'en and Gothic Architecture, and could quite happily spend the rest of my days in a Victorian home someplace like Salem, Mass.

I plan to use this journal/blog for a number of things, and many posts will be public - however, I will also be posting friends only if I feel they are of a personal nature.

I will be talking about work, early childhood, parenting, my life, and pretty much everything in between.

If it seems like something you'd be interested in reading, or even just checking out, feel free to add me as a friend, drop me a message or leave a comment. I love hearing from new people!! (Old ones too!)