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I Hate "Blanket Day"

"What is 'Blanket Day'?" you may ask. Well it's very simple, it's the day that, after nap instead of me making the kids bring me their blankets (READ "sleeping bags" - horrible slippery sleeping bags) to put away in each individual cubbie, I instead ask them all (several times, often each one getting progressively louder) to PLEASE take their blankets upstairs and put them in the closets (where their jackets and hoodies and extra clothes live).

This inevitably turns into a gong show of kids who have no idea what's going on, put their blanket randomly in the middle of the floor in our room, to walk away dazed and confused back downstairs.

However, this isn't the worst part. Oh no.

I then put up my happy little sign, kindly asking parents to take their child's blanket (because, you know, the PILE of slippery fabric on the floor isn't a big enough reminder), and to return it after the weekend.

There is always at LEAST two parents who do not take the blanket, and at LEAST two parents (last time it was four), who do not bring it back.

The ones that do come back, come back a cacaphony of scents. The inevitable "My laundry isn't clean unless it smells like I rubbed it all over a meadow of flowers, and then dried it under a rushing clear spring". FYI neither of those two things ACTUALLY smell like the laundry scents, and if people spent more time outside, they'd know that.

So I then put these blankets out at nap (thank goodness I don't have to touch them in the morning when they are first brought back, the 7AM staff does!!) in an allergy induced haze of sneezing and snot, my head getting more and more stuffed, and the pounding starting behind my sinuses, signalling the fact that it's only 10:30AM, and it's going to be a VERY long day.

The worst part? The scent lingers for at least a week and a half, meaning that everyday when I put out beds at nap (it's my job, because I teach toddlers) I spend the rest of the day in this head pounding haze, that no allergy pill can touch.

So yes, I hate "Blanket Day", but man do I love nap time!

Best Wishes,


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